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RAIBA is a company specializing in the development、design 、production and try to make the company characteristic. It’s also pay attention to provide power solutions, such as switch power supply、boost power supply、digital power supply、adapter and LED drive power supply.

RAIBA have independent plant, R&D center and maturely testing laboratory. In order to make sure the high reliable and cost-effective, RAIBA constantly introducing talents and improving technology、optimize product development system and import laboratory equipment(such as: Chroma electronic load, automatic test system ATS,EMC testing laboratory). Produce and R&D are fully compliant with the technical parameters of the regulatory requirements and electromagnetic compatibility standards.

Now RAIBA turn domestic to international, developing the international market energetically. What’s more, our customer also sale the RAIBA product around the world. The customer group has been expanded and the sales volume rising every year at the same time.

Foshan RAIBA Electronics Co., Ltd take part in the industry activities actively and try to make the company characteristic.


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LED Intelligence Dimming Power Supply Products


LED intelligence dimming power supply products are established in the market gradually.

Guangzhou International Power Supply Show


Foshan RAIBA Electronic Co., Ltd will coming out the Guangzhou power supply show