• PIE Engineer2018-07-26


    1.    Male, 24-35 years old, Secondary school or above ,Electronics Major or Industrial engineering related majors

    2.    Be familiar with electronic productions and production process

    3.    Knowing for the electronic circuit and the circuit principle diagram

  • QE Engineer2018-07-26


    1.    Male, College degree or above

    2.    Be familiar with SMT production process and quality control

    3.    Be familiar with working principle of electronic component and test method

    4.    Be familiar with seven ways of QC and operation of SPC、FMEA mode

    5.    Having communication、coordination ability and pressure bearing capacity strongly

          6.    Having 3 years quality control working experiences in electronics industry
  • QC Group Leader2018-09-20


    1.    Male or female, 22-45 years old, Senior high school education above, Graduate from electronics major

    2.    Having electronic theoretical basis and familiar with electronic productions, Knowing how to use test fixture, Quality  control strictly and promote quality improvement effectively

    3.    Work independently and have own judgement

    4.    Having communication and coordination ability strongly

    5.    Having more than 1 year QC Group Leader working experiences in electronics plant, Experience in circuit board  inspection is preferred

  • Switch Power Supply Engineer2018-09-20


    1. College degree or above, Majored in electronic and electronic power

    2. Be good at PCB Layout、Having more than 3 years drawing working experiences in switch power supply PCB ,Know

        about safety regulation and product certification

    3. Having more than 3 years working experiences in develop switch power supply 200W above, Be Familiar with magnetic components, Can  develop and debug

    4. Obey working arrangement

    5. Having experience in revising EMI, Knowing structural design and use CAD 

  • SMT Engineer2018-09-20


    1.  Need one person who is 20-40 years old and Senior high school education above

    2.  Be familiar with automated surface mount production process, Knowing how to handle abnormality of quality、train staff and model of juki750/760/2050/2060/2070/2080

    3.  Knowing to use DEK printing machine and HLC programming software

    4.  Having more than 2 years similar working experiences is prioritize

  • Electronic Maintenance Technician2018-09-20


    1. Mainly responsible for circuit board maintenance work

    2. Having electronic circuit theoretical basis

    3. Be skilled in using electric soldering iron and multimeter

    4. Be able to suffer hardship

    5. Outstanding college graduate will be acceptable to train