• Which raw material do RAIBA use?2019-04-13

          To ensure the quality of RAIBA products, raw materials used in domestic and foreign manufactures of professional quality originals ,such as electrolytic capacitors: RUBYCON, NCC, Nichicon, Capxon, Huawei; Safety capacitor: NISSEI, Rectifier: Fairchild ,IR; FET and IC:ST, TI, Fairchild, ON, IR, NXP.

  • What kinds of RAIBA product and how to use it?2019-04-13

     They are generally classified into  AC/DC、DC/DC、DC/AC,which  with Enclosed type、Modular. U-Case type. waterproof. LED power supply.adaptor.LED ultrathin display.charger.PCB type.stage light discharge type. 

      RAIBA products are mainly used in LED lighting、stage light 、LED display、AI、network communication、industrial automation、teaching equipment、drinking water equipment、cosmetic armarium、intelligence home and automated industrial products etc.