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  • Foshan RAIBA Electronics Co., Ltd

    Address: 2nd Floor,3 Building,NO.898,Gaoming Avenue East, He Cheng Blvd, Gaoming District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China 


    Phone:86-15015803879 /757-88325032/136300599901


  • Customer Service

    If you have any suggestsquestions or complaints about RAIBA, you can contact us.

    We will convey your valuable opinions to the relevant responsible person and give you reply at the first time.

  • Business Service

    If you are interested in RAIBA productions, no matter what cost-effective、high quality or high stability you need, no hesitate to contact us.

    Our sales man will introduce detailedly to you at the first time.

  • Technology Service

    If you have any technology questions about RAIBA productions, please contact to us.

    Our technician will service you at the first time.