2015 GET Show

Foshan RAIBA Electronic Co., Ltd look forward to your visit at 2015 GET show during 1st-4th, April.

                                        RAIBA get ready for April and join in 2015, GET show Guangzhou entertainment equipment exhibition during 1st--4th, April.                                                                        The position of exhibition is 5F-O8, 3 Floor, NO. 5 Museum Poly Guangzhou, China.

                                        RAIBA provide product environmental protection, cost-effective, and high stability during the exhibition, such as: beam light power supply series、                                             stage light series(LED drive、motor drive)、LED display power supply series、LED indoor power supply series、LED outdoor power supply series.

About Foshan RAIBA Electronic Co., Ltd

                                    RAIBA is a company specializing in the development、design 、production and try to make the company characteristic. It’s also pay attention to                       provide power solutions, such as switch power supply、boost power supply、digital power supply、adapter and LED drive power supply.

                       RAIBA products are mainly used in LED lighting、stage light 、LED display、AI、network communication、industrial automation、teaching equipment、drinking water equipment、cosmetic armarium、intelligence home and automated industrial products etc.

                                   RAIBA has experienced R&D team, advanced production equipment (such as: number of SMT automatic assembly line, aging room), professional                                                                 testing equipment (eg: Chroma electronic load, automatic test system ATS, EMC testing laboratory), and rigorous production and testing                                                  process (100% test,  24 hours of aging).To ensure that products with high reliability and cost-effective, fully compliant with the technical parameters of the regulatory requirement and electromagnetic compatibility standards.

                                  To ensure the quality of RAIBA products, raw materials used in domestic and foreign manufactures of professional quality originals ,such as electrolytic                                                      capacitors: RUBYCON, NCC, Nichicon, Capxon, Huawei; Safety  capacitor: NISSEI, Rectifier: Fairchild ,IR; FET and IC:ST, TI, Fairchild, ON, IR, NXP.

                    RAIBA has been committed to product innovation constantly, to provide customer with highly reliable and cost-effective power solutions for the mission.

R&D Team

SMT Manufacture Team

Power Supply Aging Room

Chroma-8000 Power Supply Detection Device

Power Supply Performance Testing Equipment

Conduction Test Laboratory

Radiation Test Laboratory

Exhibition information

Exhibition name

2015 Guangzhou international entertainment equipment, intelligent acousto-optic product technology exhibition (GET Show)

Exhibition address

NO.1、2、3、4、5、6 museum, Poly World Trade Center Expo Guangzhou, China(NO.1000 Xinxiang East Road Haizhu District, Guangzhou)

Show time


Exhibition opening ceremony 

 1st. April, 2015


Show and Trade

 From 1st. to 3rd. April, 2015




Exhibition closing